Impeccably researched and astoundingly insightful, CEO Adventure reveals how to go from ‘putting out fires’ to finding true, lasting solutions. Hans delivers an eye-opening, must-read guide for executives and leaders at any stage of their career. Excellent!

―Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s top executive coach and the Thinkers 50
#1 Leadership Thinker in the World


I love CEO Adventure! Norden is an expert in the field who turns on the fire hose. The awe-inspiring breadth of both classic and leading-edge information is truly amazing. By drawing from such widely-varied and inspirational sources as the Wright brothers, Napoleon Hill, Sir Karl Popper, Robert Pirsig, and Sun Tzu to name but a few, CEO Adventure presents a much more effective and enlightened example of executive leadership. This book is a must-read for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders at every level of management.

―Craig Johnston, award-winning Business Process Management consultant


CEO Adventure is a uniquely powerful, intelligent and insight-filled book on the nature of leadership and the concepts, mindset and willingness to change and adapt that great leaders need to be truly successful. Norden surgically unpacks, builds and supports a leadership mentality and practice that is a stunning wake-up call. Norden makes it clear that if leaders wish to make a positive difference in the world and leave a legacy, then they must learn to operate authentically, ethically, with integrity and compassion, to analyze dysfunctional systems dispassionately, and determine root causes courageously, and to adapt to changing realities as a matter of course, not necessity. Highly informative, practical and far-reaching, CEO Adventure is filled with invaluable and unforgettable leadership lessons.

―Gregg Ward, author of The Respectful Leader―Seven Ways to Influence without Intimidation


CEO Adventure is not another best-practice or some new set of formulas to be plugged into an organization. Instead, CEO Adventure offers a different level of thinking, and a rich source of unique ideas and metaphors, in order to guide executives with an adventuresome mind who already have a clear sense of purpose. I enjoyed the reading, and I intend to read more of Norden’s sources as well.

―Barry J. Schwartz, Ph.D. Experimental Psychology Applied Neuroscience Consulting


You get John Boyd and his ideas. You have put them down in such a way that a layman can understand how to utilize the information. I love the analogies, it makes it easier for some who may not be as technically proficient in theory. I like the interweaving of different schools of thought put together to gain a full picture. As you know, my dad used many references from many fields when he was putting his theories together. You are doing the same which speaks well to your time and effort in this book. Too many people focus in one area and do not look to other areas to increase their ability to synthesize information. I am enjoying the reading but notice I keep going back and re-reading areas as I go through. To me a good book is one where you go back and start re-reading areas what you have already read.

―Mary Ellen Boyd, executrix of the John R. Boyd estate


What a breath of fresh air when you read this well documented text. Hans made an important effort to make systems thinking relevant again. We are in interesting times loaded with paradoxical challenges. Hans argues we need a new paradigm to tackle those and he did it in an inspiring way. Go and read it!

―Fons Trompenaars, Dutch organizational theorist, management consultant, and author in the field of cross-cultural communication


CEO Adventure is a phenomenal book that provides managers, directors and especially C-suite executives a roadmap, context and step by step instructions for optimizing business systems.  In my 20+ year career at more than 50 different businesses, in my opinion every professional needs to read this book and I can see a need for consultants trained in the application of these concepts helping companies to implement them especially in alignment with major enterprise system development projects like Enterprise Resource Planning, customer-facing Software-as-a-Service products and other strategic initiatives.  I foresee this book quickly becoming essential reading for all ambitious leaders.

―Gabor Fulop, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Manager & Functional Consultant


Author Hans Norden had an epiphany when, as a bank project manager, he consulted on situations where everyone agrees they have a big problem but no one admits to making a mistake because everyone is just doing their job. Norden saw up close the costly damage done by such systemic (and seemingly insoluble) interdepartmental challenges.

This book, the distillation of the author’s years of consulting, study and observation, is part field guide, part poetic inspiration, and part exhortation based on the polarity of persistent challenges and accessible opportunities in the modern organization.

Norden’s clarion call to leaders is to recognize the limiting factors (what he calls “gremlins”— the imaginary creatures that sabotage aircraft), overcome the gravitational pull of the Peter Principle, and embark on an journey of mind-bending adventure that fully embraces one’s free will (in other words, seek to do something rather than simply be someone). The book then takes the reader on a journey of meaning and substance, addressing the journey, vehicle and destination in a comprehensive yet navigable way.

Spanning the domains of philosophy, economics, behavioral science, sociology, military theory, physics, aviation and literature; and fusing all these disciplines with stories that define effective governance, makes this a worthwhile read. Hans Norden challenges leaders into greatness with CEO Adventure.

―Doug Kirkpatrick, US Partner, NuFocus Strategic Group, Forbes Books Author, Speaker